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steel, galvanised

Esplanade litter bins
Thanks to their high transparency, about 85%, Esplanade litter bins will tone in perfectly with all environments, and naturally meet anti-terror security requirements.
Manufactured entirely from steel these bins are extremely robust (10 mm diameter bars or thick steel plates that are welded vertically on to two hoops).
The whole bin is protected from corrosion by an excellent double coating: electro-galvanising + powder coating.
They are also highly appreciated for their ergonomics, making waste collection much easier. Numerous alternatives and options are offered (stainless-steel stubber, visual contrast ring, lid, colours, etc.).

Dimensions details

  • Products line: Classic
  • Steel structure: made from robotically welded thick plates or bars (depending on models).
  • Finishing: the steel is double coated: electro-galvanised or hot dip galvanised (depending on model) + oven-cured polyester powder.
    Optional wide choice of colours and textures for steel parts.
  • Sack holder: Open structure models have a sack holder. High visibility.
    Alternatives: several options available depending on the model.
  • Capacity : 65 litres